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A comparatively stable freeze-dryed probiotic supplement.

  • 100 million viable Lactobacillus acidophilus cells at time of manufacture and guaranteed over 50 million up to the expiration date
  • Freeze dried formula offers better stability than liquid
  • Expiration dating to guarantee viable cell count
  • CONTAINS NO artificial colors, flavors or preservatives; no wheat, gluten, eggs, peanuts, tree nuts, soy, crustacean shellfish or fish

Probiotics, meaning "life," refers to good bacteria such as Lactobacillus acidophilus, which is the beneficial bacteria present in our acidophilus capsules. In order to obtain optimal intestinal health it is important to maintain the proper balance of good versus bad bacteria. It may be hard to obtain an adequate amount of good bacteria via the diet, since many foods, including yogurt, often lose most or all of their lactobacillus cells by the time the product is shelved, purchased, and then finally consumed. Our freeze-dried acidophilus capsules contain a minimum of 100 million viable lactobacillus acidophilus cells per capsule at manufacture and a guaranteed 50 million or more up to the Best By date.


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